These Things Will Ruin Your Hook-Up Date

Hook-up culture may be a testament to the fact that millennials can’t commit to anything, but hey, that’s not your problem!

There is nothing wrong with hooking up for casual sex as long as both persons know what they’re getting into.

On the other hand, preferences and expectations sometimes don’t match, so we’ve decided to go over some of the common mistakes made on a hook-up date that can foul the whole thing up.
Hook-Up Date

Expecting Too Much

Expecting too much from a hook-up date can put pressure where pressure is unwarranted. Hook-up culture rests on the fact that casual sexual encounters are supposed to be short and fun, and anyone looking for more should stay clear. Otherwise, high expectations can ruin a perfectly good hook-up.

In terms of the specific things you expect from a hook-up date it is advised that you state your desires clearly, including how far you’re willing to go sexually and where you want the encounter to take place.

Being Rude

Although hook-ups are short and sweet, certain manners are still required for the entire encounter to go smoothly. Being rude and disrespectful will not get you far and if you feel your date isn’t polite enough just walk away as there is plenty of fish in the sea.

Neither party to the hook-up date is looking for a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that talking about other sex buddies during the date isn’t rude. Canceling because a better option came along is understandable while having the decency to avoid telling the truth is the strategy of choice in the hook-up culture.

Talking Too Much

Anyone looking to chit-chat should go on a date and avoid casual hook-ups. A hook-up is purely physical and talking about it too much can definitely ruin the mood.

It’s also confusing if the conversation continues well into the next day with one person texting the other all the time! Hook-ups are brief and rarely result in friendships or relationships, and texting the next day can feel very relationship-like, and nobody wants that.

Lack of Self-Esteem

Confidence is certainly attractive regardless of someone’s looks. An average-looking person who is bursting with self-esteem is a million times more attractive than a hot gal/lad who lacks confidence.

It goes both ways that a perfectly good hook-up can be ruined if either side is in doubt about his/her own self-worth. Avoid being the person who ruins a hook-up thanks to self-reservations by sticking to your comfort zone and respecting that of your partner.

Arrogance is Futile

Being confident is desirable, but being arrogant is not. There is a fine line between knowing your self-worth and being in love with yourself, but it’s a line that should never be crossed on a hook-up date.

Arrogant people are unattractive and anyone who has standards will avoid them at all cost. Pretending they “do this all the time” is tacky even though you know they do. You met the person on a hook-up site!

Pretending To Know You

Anyone who pretends to know what kind of a person you are based on a few chats you’ve had online is tacky because not all gals/lads are the same! People can’t be divided into just two categories, those who have casual sex on the first date and those who don’t. Just because you’re into something doesn’t mean you can be read like an open book.

This is definitely a two-way street so if you don’t want to put a damper on your hook-up date don’t act like you know the person next to you. Plus, casual hook-ups are not about knowing each other’s personalities. They are strictly physical and should stay that way.

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