Learn How To Find The Right Girl For The Fastest Hook-Up

You have decided to give online dating a try and now you need the fastest tactic that will find you the right girl. If this is exactly your case, then you are in for a treat (both here in this article, and then later hopefully on your hookup site of choice).

Here we have a few basic but extremely helpful tips on how to find the right girl for your casual sex mission, and a couple of tricks on how to use these hookup pages like a boss.

Let’s get crackin’!
Fast Hook-Up

Going With Your Gut

First of all you will need to learn how to recognize a fake profile. The best way to do that is to simply go with your gut, and if something seems “too good to be true”, that usually means it IS indeed too good to be true.

Much like in real life, these perfect scenarios are usually coming with hidden agendas and are looking to get something out of you. In this case, it is your money. Fake profiles know you are vulnerable and looking to get laid pronto, so they use these hookup websites to exploit the sexual desperation of lonely young men (and women).

This is why you need to learn how to filter all those suspicious messages you get in your inbox and learn how to spot the real deal.

Here’s how to do it:

Real Women On Hookup Sites Are Also Looking For Great Sex, NOT Money

Essentially, almost all the female profiles that are saying how they only want to give you pleasure, are huge red flags.

Real girls are more likely to take things slow, which doesn’t mean they are not game.

Fake profiles target guys who desperately want to believe that a girl would be all about worshipping them and giving them sexual pleasure, and these “girls” will pretty soon start to ask for your money. Even if there is in fact a real girl behind that dreamy profile, it is typically a professional escort that will ask for your cash in no time.

If a girl is indeed in it just for good time with you, she will probably take things a bit slow, but will eventually agree to meet you in public, without any money being involved. Just follow your instinct on this one.
The final step in finding the right girl on a hookup site is actually all about you. It is time to:

Pimp Your Dating Profile

As much as it is crucial to know how to recognize Mrs. Right, you need to give her the Mr. Right she seeks. In order to do that you will need to pimp your profile a little bit. In a sea of ordinary fish you will want to be the goldfish that will make all her sexual wishes come true.

Standing out from the crowd is never an easy task, but is not impossible.

We can’t tell you exactly what to write (as it has to be built around your own unique persona), but we can nudge you in the right direction:

  • Be funny (girls LOVE intelligent and witty men)
  • List some of your favorite music and TV shows (same pop culture references can be crucial)
  • Lie about some things (it’s no biggie, we all do it)
  • Don’t come off as too shy
  • Be the best possible version of yourself.

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